Since President Buhari joined his party’s presidential campaign on Tuesday, November 15, 2022 in Plateau State, the president has stayed away from his party’s presidential rallies.

This led to suggestions that the president has little to no commitment to the APC’s Bola Tinubu-Kashim Shettima presidential ticket.

But the presidency announced in a statement on Friday, January 6, 2023, that Buhari did not want to give up his primary job as the country’s leader, adding that the president had agreed to campaign for Tinubu in 10 states.

The states are: Yobe, Sokoto, Kwara, Ogun, Adamawa, Cross River, Nasarawa, Katsina Imo, Y Lakes State.

Explaining why the president chose the 10 states, Medaner during an interview on Arise TV on Monday, January 9, 2022, said that the president chose the states to look at what has been done and what needs to be done for the people of the state. .

Medaner explained that the APC presidential campaign has already taken shape, but the party still needs to see its strengths and the states where it should intensify its campaigns.

He said, “You know the president has given a directive to the members of the FEC about the campaign. If you look at it, I think it’s a strategy for the campaign to take shape. At this time, the campaign has taken shape and governance has not suffered.

“Speaking of adding value to the campaign, you have to remember that the president from 2003 to 2019 still has that value, still has those endorsements intact. It is consolidating what has been won. If you look at it horizontally and vertically, the campaign is taking shape and has come a long way.

“And if you take the 10 states that he has chosen to go to, you know in politics, if you have to look at the numbers, your strength, you have to look at where you have to increase. I think the president who elects those states is to go and see what has been done in those states and see what should be done to the people again.”

He also explained that the campaign has been segmented and has returned to areas.

As Tinubu’s campaign train heads to state capitals, the APC chief said APC vice-presidential candidate Kashim Shettima is taking the party’s campaign into communities to connect with those who matter.