Jaiz Charity and Development Foundation Executive Director Imam Abdullahi Shuaib urged Islamic clerics to engage in political activities, either to vote or to be voted for.

He said the long absence of Muslims at the top of the three arms of government in some parts of the country has reduced the Muslim Ummah to a third-class community with no say in running its affairs.

He spoke at the 29th National Islamic Training Program organized by the Muslim Congress (TMC) in Abuja on the theme “Good Leadership: Imperative for a Manly Nation.”

The cleric said that participating in the political process would facilitate the affairs of Muslims in their quest to develop and enhance fundamental God-given human rights.

Imam Shuaib added that the involvement of Muslims in politics would also preserve the identity and protection of Islamic symbols in politics and government.

He listed the consequences of being apolitical and nonpartisan to include continued oppression, victimization, harassment and assault, corruption, impunity, violation of the rule of law, and stereotyping and stigmatization.

Furthermore, Imam Jamiu Tirmiziy, Chairman of the Committee of Experts on Sharia, Zakat Foundation and Sadaqat, said that since democracy is the system of government in Nigeria, it would not be suitable for Muslims, especially those with strong Islamic knowledge. and high moral standards, stay. on the fence

He urged Islamic scholars to educate their followers on the need to participate in Nigeria’s electoral process.

The cleric said: “We need to encourage citizens, including Muslims, to ensure that they actively participate in democracy because it is our system of government in the country and we must sponsor it together.

“It would be suicidal if we Muslims decided not to participate in politics because we are the majority. If there are opportunities for those with strong Islamic knowledge on the ballot, it will be better.”