The Accord Party’s presidential candidate, Professor Christopher Imumolen, has advanced the reasons why Nigeria is among the poorest countries in the world.

He identified the lack of opportunities, youth unemployment and poor education, among others, as factors responsible for the poor rating of the country.

This was announced by the presidential candidate for the agreement during his live broadcast to publicize his electoral master plan, according to a statement issued this Monday.

Speaking about how he intends to tackle the country’s dire economic situation if he is elected president in February, Imumolen said: “Economic difficulties (in Nigeria) are at an all time high and the cause is multifaceted. There are so many reasons why a country will sink into poverty.

“Today, Nigeria is perhaps the main poverty capital of the world and the main reason is opportunities. Nigerian youth do not have employment opportunities. Nigerian youth do not receive a proper education. We need to reform our education system.”

The academic who spoke on critical areas of the country’s economy said that to achieve the desired results, the next president must make a major decision to reverse the nation’s economic fortunes.

He lamented the abysmal depths to which the country’s fortunes have sunk in virtually every area of ​​the economic development index and vowed to bring about an abrupt turnaround if he is elected.

“My party, Accord, and I are driven by a passion to change the narrative of inept leadership that has impeded our growth as a country for decades,” Imumolen said.

“We believe in the Nigerian project and are highly committed to the vision of seeing the country and its people rise from hardship, obscurity and unemployment by providing quality leadership that restores their confidence and hope,” he added.

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