Executive Vice President and CEO of the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure, Prof. Mohammad Haruna, has said that Nigeria needs to invest in technology because only countries that invest in technology can succeed.

He said it was time to reactivate artisan schools, technical and vocational centers and technical colleges to form a critical mass of artisans that the country needs.

He noted that the quality of human capacity in a nation shapes and determines its progress.

A statement said Haruna spoke at the foundation stone-laying ceremony of the NASENI Skill Acquisition Center, Bagudo in Kebbi state. He explained that the construction of skills development centers was to fill the technological gap and the shortage of artisans in the country.

He said: “It is the quality of human capacity in a nation that shapes and determines its progress and sustainable development and not commodities or natural resources.

“Experience has shown that countries that invest adequately in the acquisition and deployment of technology are the leaders in socio-economic development, even if they import all the raw materials necessary for their economy.”

He added: “Craft schools, technical and vocational centers and technical colleges to train the critical mass of artisans that Nigeria needs have been abolished in most states of the federation or have deteriorated in structures and equipment workshop and laboratories.

“The skills development centers approved for establishment by Divisional President Muhammadu Buhari (rted.) for NASENI across the country, such as the one we are beginning to build in Kebbi, are designed to meet the challenges of the technological divide. and fill the void created by the shortage of artisans, artisans and women”.

“The centers will be adequately equipped with basic and modern facilities for advanced training and equipment to train a competitive labor force ready for the generation of self-employment and entrepreneurship.”

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