Belema Oil Chairman and CEO Tein Jack-Rich has applied for Nigeria’s admission to the G-20 economic group.

Jack-Rich made the call during the US-Africa Leaders Summit in Washington DC.

In a statement made available to our correspondent on Wednesday, the politician and philanthropist, who noted that the inclusion of Nigeria and the African Union in the G-20 would be a milestone in the global economic acceleration, urged Africans in the diaspora to work to achieve this goal.

According to him, Africa would be a force to be reckoned with if the countries of the Pacific and the Caribbean were also integrated into the continent.

“Nigeria is the heart of Africa, if we talk about trade. We need to integrate the countries of the diaspora, and I have not heard anyone talk about the countries of the Pacific.

”We have about 15 countries there and we have 16 countries in the Caribbean, so it is important to integrate these two diaspora countries with the African continent.

”And as part of the African Continental Free Trade Area, it is important to recognize the potential that these two diaspora countries have so that we can have a strong bloc. That makes Africa about 85 countries.

”Africa today accounts for about 30 percent of world GDP, that’s about two and a half trillion dollars, that’s not strong for us.

Jack-Rich, however, said that to achieve the goal, what Africa now needed was the right collaboration.

He said that admitting Africa to the G-20 would greatly help the continent and go a long way in ensuring its technological advancement.

”And another call that I want to make is to see that Nigeria also be part of the G-20, that will be very helpful because Nigeria represents about 19.3 percent of the total GDP of Africa, it is a strong economy.

”I’m in the energy business; one thing that we need right now is technology collaboration, technology that has matured, I mean, from the G-7 point of view, can actually be used to enable Africa to build the right economic gateway.

“When talking about climate change today, one thing you can recognize is that even though Africa only admits about three percent of global greenhouse gases, we have a young population that needs to be involved.

“And to engage the population, we need jobs, and to create that, we need industries.

“So we need them in the diaspora to allow us to access the technology that they have matured, for the technology to become the smart gateway for Africa to build its industrial value chain and reduce the greenhouse gas from which the world speaks today. Jack-Rich stated.

Speaking earlier, an American businessman, Arnold Donald, admitted that Africa was fertile ground for any business to thrive.

Donald said it was encouraging that despite the current global economic crisis, companies around the world were investing in Africa.

According to him, the US-Africa Leaders Summit creates a window for partnerships and collaborations between the public and private sectors and subsequently accelerates economic growth.