Remember: On Monday, January 23, 2023, the Labor Party campaign train was in Katsina State, where Peter Obi held a town hall meeting with women and followed it up with a rally at the Muhammad Dikko Stadium.

How Peter Obi was attacked: However, on their way to the airport, the thugs reportedly attacked the convoy of the Labor Party presidential candidate, causing substantial damage to some of the vehicles.

Why this matters: Katsina is the home state of the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari.

Who is behind the attack: It was a noisy scene. My feeling was that it was a backlash organized by some politician-mongers.

Why Peter Obi was attacked: Speaking more about his senses, he said, “political mongers didn’t like the success of the rally we had in Kano the day before, which was unexpected. Katsina has a reputation as one of the most violent states in Nigeria.”Osuntokun told reporters.

On Kastina’s security situation: “Your governor called for citizens to be armed to defend themselves. So there was a pervasive security crisis long before the rally we went to.

“So from that perspective, we can’t say it’s not expected.”

What you should know: He recalled that the president’s convoy had been attacked once in the state, leaving security personnel injured.