For years, Emem Thomas’s body drew snide comments from skinnier classmates in southern Nigeria that shattered his confidence and natural affability.

As teasing and teasing marred her teenage years, she gave up on dreams like competing in a local beauty pageant. She then found a niche that values ​​what Thomas now proudly describes as her “plus-size” body type: the “Dragon Squad Limited,” a team of female bouncers.

“I love what I see dragons do in movies,” he said. “They are also a symbol of power and protection.” Founded in 2018, Thomas only employs women of a certain weight and shape, creating a safe space for plus-size women to excel in a field that is traditionally dominated by men.

“My team is all about plus-size ladies,” she explained. “If you have a plus size body, that’s great for me, before I talk about your passion and other qualifications.” Dragon Squad’s 43 recruits have worked security for over 2,000 events, including house parties, funerals, political rallies and…