Wia dis photo comes from, Nyesom Wike/Tinubu Ball

Di kasala wey dey between Rivers state govnor Nyesom Wike and im party di Peoples Democratic Party don sale anoda level.

Dis na as di govnor y di party kontinu dia open attack on each oda.

I gave agbas-gbos start from June last year. Afta di party presidential primary: dem neva fit resolve dia mata from that moment on.

The governor has already said that I do not support my party’s presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, for the election.

I say that I do not tell Rivers Pipo who they are going to vote for in the presidential elections.

“Our kid only votes pein wey love state Rivers, no be pesin wey wey wey they hate us,” he said on many campaign grounds.

For the latest development, the governor of the southern state deprives the party’s presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, uses the campaign spot for which he applies.

‘PDP works with APC’

Wia dis photo comes from, Atiku Abubakar/Femi Adeniyi

A statement from Sports Commissioner Christopher Greene claims the Rivers state government says the PDP presidential committee will have no more supporters for the state to fill campaign day’s Adokiye Amiesimaka stadium.

Oga Green says they have a plan to mobilize members of Congress from All Progressives to fill the stadium.

They also claim that the alleged alliance between the national leadership of the PDP and APC is a threat to the security of the stadium for the sake of violence and the party’s campaigns for the state.

“Credible intelligence is available to the Rivers State department and recent developments now show, shall we say, that his presidential campaign organization is collaborating with a Rivers State APC faction led by Tonye Patrick Cole,” the statement said.

The sports commissioner added: “The intent of your presidential campaign organization to accommodate and share the facilities you approved for your campaign with the APC faction we spoke of.

“Government records show that di APC activities for Rivers State are not always punctuated by violence due to the large internal politics that is within the party, including shootings and killings during protests that stemmed from the nomination process for delegates to the primaries.

“For the sake of this, the Di Rivers Estate did not make the painful but safe decision to withdraw the approval we gave him earlier for the use of the stadium and the approval when we talked about not withdrawing it.”

‘Wike dey support Tinubu’

The PDP Presidential Council for Rivers State says the response to dia na di govnor dey plays anti-partisan activity.

Dr. Abiye Sekibo, Atiku’s campaign manager for the state, tell no lie, say they work with APC: “They are shocking and funny to you or anyone who says the PDP and APC fit together in holding a joint event in the same place.

Di PDP por dia responds by saying that the governor does not find out about the massive mobilization and signs saying that the presidential candidate is doing well before the elections.

“We completely deny that his claim says that it is not true and we believe that our highly respected security agencies cannot tell him that they are false and baseless lies.

“We believe to say that the only reason for the cancellation is your excellency, notify our massive mobilization and full acceptance of Waziri Atiku Abubakar as the next President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria by the Rivers State pimp,” the party said.

Abiye Sekibo adds: “A credible information that we will contact for, please tell your excellency that you do not address all the chairpersons of local government councils, special advisers, commissioners, party executives for the state, local and district levels, and all ODA appointees when you say make them work.” for the APC presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, though he may not have the courage to announce the same to di pipo from Rivers State.

“Your suggestions to the general public and how you don’t point to the fact that you really want to thwart and if possible prevent the rise of the PDP, His Excellency Waziri Atiku Abubakar, GCON, Waziri Adamawa, as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. .”

‘I’m going hard for Atiku to maintain Rivers’ campaign’

Political analyst, Opaka Dokubo, says Governor Wike needs to calm down and realize that they are not going to make it through the national elections.

And I say wetin dey happun dey unfortunate becos di reason wey di River state goment give to withdraw di approval does not make sense.

Oga Dokubo explains that say wetin di govnor so that it does not draw the attention of the organization of the campaign di PDP to see that say that kain tin does not happen.

“Tru-True di govnor na di chief security officer of di state and e get responsibility to guarantee say peace and stability dey Rivers state

“However, I hope that we will say that we still maintain this position that the governor needs to promote inclusion, accommodation and tolerance.

“Di only tin wey pipo fit do na for di govnor to allow pipo to carry out the campaign by day. Keeping the rally does not mean saying say pesin go win. If you don’t have any can to lose,” said the analyst.

Why does Wike insist on Ayu’s resignation?

Wia dis photo comes from, PDP/Facebook

Wetin we call dis photo,

Photo of Wen PDP Presents Day Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidate

There is no doubt that di quarell between di govnor and di im party national leadership will not drag on for long.

Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike bin does not explain the imposition why they insist on saying that di Iyorchia Ayu must step down as Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party PDP.

E say di PDP presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar bin say am in pesin we im win di primaries for May 2022 say Ayu is going to vacate my position as party chairman.

“When we finish our convention from Saturday to Sunday, the candidate of the party (Atiku) comes to see me at my house in Abuja on Monday around 10:30 am and says: ‘I want us to work together’ and says ‘Look, Ayu must go’.

“I say why? I say because when a candidate comes from the north, the president comes from the south, and I dey tok na, implement what you tell me. Wetin be di offense that I do not commit? I have nothing to do with Wike; We got to do it wit integrity.

“I challenge the presidential candidate to deny it. If I deny that I am, I will go further and bring so many cans to Nigerians because enof is enof.”

The Governor says that Walid Jibril’s resignation as Chairman of the Board of Trustees is not going to stop, I demand the removal of Ayu and adds: “this fight we will fight until the end”.

According to Wike, the problem is not based on fairness and fairness, adding, since the party’s presidential candidate is not produced, the north is not supposed to hold on to the party’s presidency as well.

“Some of which we don’t know will happen. Dem dey fool a; dem dey say una say Wike dey cause trouble. Wike no dey cause trouble; Wike dey will bring peace to di country. Wike advocates for justice, Wike advocates for fairness, and Wike advocates for fairness.