The Nigerian crypto community has witnessed quite a stir in recent weeks, due to the rise of $WKC and DTG. -1.37% memes inspired tokens.

prominently, WikiCat Coin Y Defi Tiger Token has exceeded expectations, Rebase Tokens started as a community boost on Smart Contract Dao (SMCDao) with less than 2500 members to its recent exploits totaling over 10,000 unique wallets.

SMCDao, is a community of believers helping everyone learn and win in the digital space. With compelling and intuitive drive and support from sirmapy Y Crypto Wealth Embassythe two meme-like tokens have been listed in CoinGecko Y CoinMarketCap– the most reputable sources of Crypto Statistics, and both coins are currently trending DeXToolsY pancake swap.

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Fast forward to early 2022, sirmapy in one of his weekly community messages on the SMCDAO telegram channell, pointed in the direction where WikiCat Y The Defi Tiger token is heading to— See the screenshot below to read more about their predictions and frustrations about SMC user sales $WKC while at $5K Market-cap.

As of May 2022, the price of $WKC and DTG -1.37%? was deteriorating and amounting to nothing, some development teammates, witnessing this ugly trend, sold their investment shares to push the development of new projects, leaving sirmapy, Crypto Wealth Embassy, CryptoBaddie and other community members to participate in the WikiCat and Defi Tiger projects.

“SMC early members have no excuse for missing out on $WKC,” he recently tweeted. There’s also a Discord post from June, where SirMapy was literally begging SMC community members not to sell their $WKC shares due to the underlying plans for the project.

WikiCat Coin currently has a market cap of $19 million with a fully diluted valuation of $29.9 million, $WKC is trading around 0.~[00000003] penny while Defi Tiger Token has a market capitalization of $3 million at a fully diluted valuation of $4.8 million: DTG -1.37%? trades at 0.~[00000001] cent at the time of publication.

Both projects have relinquished ownership and released the White Paper, which means it is strictly community driven, SirMapy announced the creation. SMCDAO Community Funds, where more than $125,000 in $WKC was deposited, indicating a change of individual ownership.

Apparently, WikiCat Coin has undergone two independent smart contract audits; one of Solid Finance and the other in fair test technology. You can earn SMC points while participating in the SMCDAO Telegram channel or on Twitter, these points will be used to redeem SMC Airdrops in the long term.