Technology is becoming more and more prevalent on a daily basis, therefore it is becoming more and more difficult to maintain a balance between personal and work life.

This doesn’t negate the importance of setting healthy boundaries in the workplace, though.

Work-life balance is the division of time and focus between work and family. While setting boundaries can be difficult due to a number of factors, such as facing confrontation from family, colleagues or bosses, or the inability to define where your boundaries are, they are essential to achieving a work-life balance. staff effectively.

Creating healthy boundaries is not only important for employees, but also for bosses and even for those who work remotely.

What the limits look like even when you work from home

Healthy Boundaries Will Help You Create a Fixed Time for Projects and Don’t Let Kids, Spouses, or Family Members Interfere with the Time: Difficult as it may be at first, letting your family know that a certain time is your time to work and wouldn’t welcome any interference, it would help you stay productive both at home and at work.

Importance of setting healthy boundaries

Boundaries are important to good-hearted people, as they lack the ability to say ‘No’, therefore they are prone to exploitation. They end up working more hours than they should and taking on more responsibilities than they should. Here are some of the important aspects of setting healthy boundaries in the workplace:

  1. Prevents burnout and overtiredness: When responsibilities aren’t spelled out clearly in the workplace, we end up burdened with far more tasks than we should. Identifying your borders, your limits and communicating them either indirectly through your actions, or directly, expressing it in a clear but subtle way, will prevent you from running the risk of exhausting yourself. Health is very important and taking on excessive tasks could gradually deteriorate health. Setting healthy boundaries just implies that you love yourself and take care of your health because it takes a healthy employee to be productive. If you have a 9 to 5 job, setting healthy boundaries is important for a long career. You can prevent burnout by delegating some responsibilities that you can do but cannot do due to your workload (if you are in a position to delegate). But if you are not in a position to delegate, you can use technological software such as Basecamp, Nifty… to carry out tasks. Also, going through responsibilities in order of importance helps you know exactly what to do first and what to save for later. Leaving tasks confusing will leave you confused and then exhausted.
  2. Leads to a better work-life balance: Work-life balance is all about allocating the right amount of time for work and family or play. And setting healthy boundaries can help you achieve the desired result. Despite the increasing interconnectivity between work and personal life, it is possible to ensure a balance between the two. For example, regarding your interaction with colleagues, you may decide to separate your personal life from your work life, that is, not divulge too personal details about your life and keep things professional. Also, engaging in gossip in the workplace is the surest way to blur one’s boundaries. Therefore, it is inadvisable to engage in such.
  3. Makes you a better worker: The atmosphere in the workplace becomes peaceful when there are limits in place. When there are fewer confrontations and fewer disagreements, work can be done effectively among employees. As mentioned above, limits preserve health as you don’t take on more responsibilities than you should, therefore a worker in good health becomes a better worker.
  4. Leads to a long and productive career: One of the reasons we create healthy boundaries is for self-preservation. To preserve your peace of mind. When your mind is at peace, it becomes easier to be efficient at work. And in turn, an efficient worker is an asset to his employer. Also, by preserving your mind, you create more ideas and as such, build a fulfilling career. In essence, creating healthy boundaries is an integral part of creating harmony between work and private life.