The renowned sports administrator and Chief of Staff to the youth and sports minister, Abba Yola, has given the organizers of the annual Sportsville Awards a pat on the back, even as Abuja-based women’s soccer promoter, lawyer Paul Edeh, described the prize that will be awarded. in it as comforting.

Yola, speaking in Abuja yesterday, said she is particularly happy with the award given to former director general of the defunct National Sports Commission (NSC), Dr. Patrick Ekeji.

“Ekesji is an excellent sports administrator. He was my boss at the National Sports Commission (NSC) and I can attest to his brilliance, thoroughness and skill.

“He took Nigerian sports to an enviable height during his regime. He would be remembered for his pet project Team Nigeria which attracted the private sector to Nigerian sports.

“I am happy that the organizers of the Sportsville Awards have found him worthy of being honored,” added Yola.

Lawyer Paul Edeh, for his part, said he was pleasantly surprised by the award, having never seen it coming.

“Yes, I’ve been contributing my small share to the development of our sport, but I’ve never met a few people somewhere who would say… hey, you’re doing well with a prize. I did not apply and in that sense I consider it a very credible award and I will personally be in Lagos to receive it,” said the owner of Naija Ratel.

The Sportsville award is announced for this Saturday at the Lagos Country Club, Ikeja.
Sports Minister Sunday Dare would honor the occasion as chairman of the day along with Edo State Vice Governor Rt. Hon. Philip Shaibu who is the special guest of honor