All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate Bola Tinubu has vowed to create an enabling environment that will unlock the creative abilities of young Nigerians if he is elected president.

A statement from the Tinubu Media Office on Friday, which was signed by Tunde Rahman, said Tinubu said this at a town hall meeting with youth in Abuja.

The former Governor of Lagos State pointed out that being the dominant population in the country, the support of youth is important to build a better Nigeria.

Strike is a common phenomenon in public universities in Nigeria. He claimed that a conducive arrangement would be made available to young people to finish their education and start prosperous businesses.

“I will create a prosperous and conducive environment for you to complete your education, start a job or start a business, and earn a decent wage. With hard work and focus, you will be able to buy a car or motorcycle again, buy a house, settle down, start a family and create a better life. I have plans to realize all these dreams and I can confirm that with your support these dreams will come true,” he said.

With the advent of technology, the APC candidate said his administration will help take advantage of recent innovations in blockchain technology by reforming government policies on the use of crypto assets. This, he said, could provide more than a million jobs within his first two years in office.

Recognizing that entertainment and sports have helped put Nigeria on the global map time and again, Tinubu vowed to build world-class stadiums and entertainment venues across the country.

“I promise a thriving digital economy where those interested in pursuing integrity careers in ICT will be able to do so. We will also ensure that Nigeria can take greater advantage of relatively recent innovations such as blockchain technology. We will reform government policy to encourage the prudent use of blockchain technology in finance and banking, identity management, revenue collection, and the use of crypto assets. We will implement policies that empower and build capacity among the large and young population of Nigeria to better take advantage of the opportunities presented by ICT.

“I promise to invest in the infrastructure necessary to fuel an already successful entertainment industry. Working with private sector partners, we will close existing gaps to build modern media centers and upgrade existing entertainment venues and stadiums across the country to world-class standards,” he said.

He also added: “My administration will reform the education sector by focusing on quality, access, financing, management, effectiveness and competitiveness. I promise, we will provide a good and quality education in tune with the demands of the 21st century.

“Our youth are some of the brightest people in the world, so we will equip them and make sure they are globally competitive and never left behind.

“We promise to give you a fairer deal. We promise to deliver results. We promise that the hope we are renewing will never fade away.

“You will become the main catalysts driving the economic revival. You will be empowered for individual and collective success. There will be opportunities in all areas, and they will be for you. Let’s go together!”