The National Chairman, All Progressives Congress, Dr. Abdullahi Ganduje, said the party has all it takes to win the November 11 Bayelsa State governorship election.

Ganduje stated in Yenagoa on Friday when he inaugurated the National APC Campaign Council for the upcoming state governorship election, headed by the Gombe State Governor, Inuwa Yahaya.

He said that the APC governorship candidate, Timipre Sylva, as a former governor and minister, was conversant with the workings of government and would be able to offer the state the needed leadership and bring about development.

He urged the campaign council to be disciplined and focused to win the election and ensure that the state was governed by the APC after the election.

“Our candidate was a former governor of Bayelsa for one term, but he was not given the chance in the nomination. Not that he was defeated, he was minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and therefore, being a governor before, being a minister before, has now identified a six-point agenda for the development of Bayelsa. He has been able to produce a blueprint for this agenda.

“He has been able to develop a strategy for the implementation of the blueprint. He is conversant with the workings of the Federal Government.

“He is conversant with the workings of the state government, so he will be able to build a synergy between the Federal Government and the Bayelsa State government so that he can take this state to a much higher level.”

The APC national chair stated that Sylva was conversant with the state, saying,“We have to believe in him, he has the knowledge, he knows the environment, he knows the character and the implementors. Therefore, he knows how to coordinate his six-point agenda.”

He added, “Our national campaign council, we have selected competent people with experience, who know what it takes to win the election. To win the election, you need to be proactive, you need to be organised and you need to be disciplined.

”You need to follow the electoral laws, you need to know the security issues, you need to know how to monitor and how to administer the voting system.

“So that you don’t give the room that you are rigged out. You must invigilate and you must supervise on Election Day. You must be up and down and put your ears and nose in the polling units.

“The team that we have put together will work with the local team in Bayelsa and will be able to win the election, come November 11.”

Speaking, Yahaya expressed the hope that with the calibre of persons in the campaign council and the massive support the party had received from the people of the state, the election would be an easy ride for the APC.

“As we came into Bayelsa, we saw things for ourselves. Our party and the candidate are really on the ground. When we saw a very high influx of personalities coming into the party, even from the sitting government and other parties, we really had peace of mind that our party was heading for victory.

“With the calibre of personalities in the campaign team, I believe by the grace of God, we will deliver Sylva into the Government House in Yenagoa. We will work assiduously and deliver to him whatever it takes.

“For us to succeed, I call on all party men and women, committee members to join hands, because there is strength in unity. We should never go with a divided house. What we saw on the ground already, with a little effort, we will unseat the PDP government and to do that, we must work hard,” he said.

Also speaking, Sylva promised to return the state back to the path of progress and development, using his six-point agenda.