Welcome to our comprehensive review and download guide for the Bambet app Ghana. The sportsbook offers a fantastic user experience, numerous sports betting events, exclusive bonuses, and responsive customer support.  Let’s guide you through the download process and important things you need to know about the Bambet app Ghana.

How to Download the Bambet App in Ghana?

It is not impossible to have encountered external sources enticing you to download a certain Bambet app. But the truth is, as of the time of writing this review, the app is not yet available for download. 

Hence, you are advised to desist from downloading any Bambet app from Unknown Sources. You will see updates on the official website when the app is available. 

However, as we await the official release of the Bambet app, you can use the mobile site to satisfy your betting appetite. The mobile site offers the closest experience to the app and can be accessed by following the steps below:

  1. Open Your Browser: Launch the web browser on your mobile device.
  2. Enter the URL: Input the website URL in the address bar and click Enter.
  3. Explore the Mobile Site: Once it loads, you’ll be directed to the mobile site automatically. 

Navigate through the menus, browse games, view bonuses and explore a seamless betting experience.

System Requirements

The mobile site has no specific system requirements. Any phone that can access the internet can be used to browse the mobile site. 

However, for the mobile app, it’s important to consider potential system requirements for a future release. 

These requirements could vary based on the app’s functionality and design. However, these are system requirements to expect. 

For Android Users:

  • Phone Operating System: Android 4.4 or more.
  • Storage capacity: Ensure you have sufficient free space on your device. At least 50 should be fine.
  • Phone Memory (RAM): We recommend a minimum of 1GB RAM for optimum performance
  • Internet Connection: As with every other app, the Bambet app requires a stable internet connection for a seamless betting experience.

For iOS (iPhone) Users:

  • iOS operating system: iOS 10.0 and later
  • Device Storage: Prepare adequate storage space to accommodate the app.
  • Device Memory (RAM): While specific RAM requirements aren’t disclosed, using a device with sufficient RAM is recommended for smooth usage.
  • Internet Connection: A stable internet connection is necessary to use the app’s features and place bets.

How to Use the Bambet App?

Navigating to the sportsbook on your phone is straightforward. You can efficiently perform essential actions such as registration, login, deposits, withdrawals, and live betting. 

Here’s a brief guide on using the mobile site:

Access the Site

Open your mobile browser and enter the Bambet Ghana URL. The website will open up with full features.

Sign Up

If you are new to Bambet Ghana, click on Join at the top right corner of the homepage. It will take you to the Bambet Registration page.

Provide Details

Once on the Registration page, you must enter your information and complete the Bambet registration in three steps.

Verify Account

Account verification will be completed alongside Bambet registration. Input your active Ghana phone number. You will get an OTP SMS that will be used for verification. 

Start Betting

Once your account is verified, congratulations and welcome to one of Ghana’s best sports betting websites.

For the full details on the features of the mobile site, which is also expected to arrive with the Bambet app, we will discuss this later in this review.

Claim Bambet Bonus on Bambet App

The Bambet promo code can be used to claim your Bambet bonus via the mobile site. Your first introduction to the Bambet welcome bonus is on the Registration page; you will see a space to enter the Bambet promo code. 

While the mobile app is in view, you can follow the steps below to claim the welcome bonus and bet on games. 

  1. Access the Mobile Site: Visit the official website via your browser.
  2. Sign Up or Log In: Create a new account or log in with your credentials if you already have one.
  3. Navigate to Bonuses: Click the Bonuses menu on the mobile site.
  4. Get Bonus: On the Bonus page, check out and click the OnlyWin free bet bonus to get a 10% match up to GH₵ 1,400

For further details, this is how the OnlyWin free bet bonus works.

  • 10% OnlyWin Free Bet on first 3 deposits, up to GH₵ 1,400.
  • Only the winning amount is credited as a free bet.
  • It is usable for single or multi bet on all sports, with the lowest odds range of 1.01 to 2.32.

In addition to the OnlyWin free bet bonus, other free bets are part of their first deposit bonus package. 

These free bets are:

  • All Win free bet bonus – Get an extra GH₵ 25 free bet when you deposit GH₵ 500 or more.
  • All Sports combo boost – Select 2 or more events with odds of 1.00 or higher, ensuring a combined total of 1.36 odds for your combo bets to be eligible.

So, make your first deposit to claim these bonuses.

What are the Bambet App Features?

If you have experienced easy bets on the mobile site, you can expect all those excellent features to be included in the Bambet app.

With the addition of push notifications and personalised features, some things are expected to come with the mobile app, which is also available on the mobile site. 

User-Friendly Interface

As currently available on the mobile site, you may envision an intuitive design for effortless navigation. The website is committed to making accessing various sections of its sites and betting options straightforward.

Bambet App Interface

Live Betting and Live Streaming Experience

The mobile site is a safe place for placing live bets and streaming. On the mobile app, anticipate real-time betting on ongoing sports events, with dynamic odds updates for in-play wagers.

Bambet Live Betting

Diverse Sports Markets

With an extensive offering of 20+ sports and numerous events, The website ensures that something caters to the betting needs of Ghanaian players who trust their mobile betting offerings. 

All these features will be loaded into the app once it’s launched. You should watch out for the Casino section on the site, too. 

Bambet Ghana is working on launching a Casino and Live Casino section for your entertainment. Another prospective update will be virtual sports.

Sports Markets

Promotions and Bonuses

The mobile site gives you direct access to the platform’s bonuses. Under the Bonus section, you will find exclusive welcome bonuses such as the OnlyWin free bet. 

This makes the app something to look forward to, as it means you can access the offers from a personalised app.

bambet app bonus

Secure Transactions

Quickly deposit and withdraw funds from your account through desktop, tablet, or mobile in Ghana by clicking on Deposit or the Plus symbol next to your balance on the homepage. 

Select your mobile network, update your information, complete the deposit, and bet on your choice events. The Bambet app, when launched, will also clone this process, except the company will add more payment options in the future.

Customer Support Integration

Bambet Ghana desires to be as close to its customers as possible. This is seen with the numerous avenues they have integrated to connect and resolve users’ queries. 

You can get instant responses from the contact form or the Live Chat button. When introduced, the app will even make contacting support more convenient and accessible.

live chat

Account Management

Manage your account easily on the platform by going to the My Account section. You can update your account information and monitor your activities.

 Another feature that the app will simplify is the account management feature, as the app has more personalised operations to tailor your experience.

Note that all these features currently function perfectly on the mobile site. This is why we can boldly claim that all will be present when the official mobile app is launched.

Remember not to patronise any third party to download any Bambet app. 

Bambet Mobile Site 

Without the current need to download any app, customers have found the mobile site sufficient to meet their betting needs. Compared with the app when later released, here is our submission on why the mobile site is also a perfect fit for you.

✔️ Pros

❌ Cons

Accessible via all mobile browsers

Limited instant updates

Mobile lite version available

No personalised user experience

Mobile responsive design

Enhanced security measures in the app

How to Place a Bet on the Bambet App?

Placing a bet on the mobile site is a straightforward process. We will take you through the steps in the simplest way possible. 

Following through will also help you know what to expect when the Bambet app arrives. 

  1. Log In or Sign Up: Access the site and log in or complete the app registration.
  2. Explore Games: Browse available games and choose a sport.
  3. Select an Event: Pick a match or event you want to bet on.
  4. Choose Odds: Select the odds for your predicted outcome.
  5. Confirm Bet: Review your selections and stake, then confirm your bet placement.

Always double-check your selections before confirming your bet.

Bambet App Review

Lest we are looking forward to reviewing the Bambet app when it’s not yet launched, our Bambet review section will focus on the current experience with the mobile site and the anticipated features of the app.


  • Easy app registration
  • User-friendly interface on both mobile and app.
  • Live betting and diverse sports markets.
  • Secure transactions.
  • Direct access to promotions and bonuses to bet on games.
  • Convenient bet slip management and basic stats.
  • Customer support and seamless bet placement.
  • Push notifications and personalised features on the app.


  • Browser-based limitations on mobile; responsiveness may vary.
  • Possible compatibility issues on older devices.
  • No offline access; reliant on internet connection.
  • The app requires a specific OS, phone storage and constant updates. 

Bambet App vs Betboro App

We have looked at the Bambet mobile site given the soon-to-be-launched app. Let’s look at how the Bambet app potentially matches with the Betboro app

Betboro is another app for Ghanaian players that delivers an optimum betting experience. 

Bambet Mobile App:

  • Pros: Intuitive interface, enhanced live betting, diverse sports markets, secure transactions, direct bonuses, comprehensive bet management, real-time stats and insights, tailored notifications, integrated customer support, streamlined bet placement, and responsible gambling tools.
  • Cons: Requires app download, compatibility concerns on older devices, short learning curve for new players.

Betboro App:

  • Pros: User-friendly design, extensive sports coverage, live betting options, inclusive casino and live casino, secure transactions, exclusive bonuses, real-time stats and insights, customer support, intuitive bet placement.
  • Cons: App download needed, phone storage required, potential compatibility issues, learning curve for new players. 


Check out the following FAQ section to learn more about the Bambet app.

How to Find the Bambet App?

The Bambet app has yet to be available; you will find it on the official site when it is launched. Use the mobile site for now.

Is the Bambet App Safe to Use?

When launched, the Bambet app prioritises user security with encrypted transactions and user information.

Main Requirements to Download Bambet Mobile App:

For now, all you can do is await the app’s release. Prospective requirements may include iOS/Android OS and internet connection.

Why is My Bambet App Not Working?

If facing issues, ensure stable internet, update the app if available, or contact support for assistance.

How to Delete the Bambet Mobile App?

Go to your device App Settings, locate the Bambet app and click Uninstall.