Solomon Dalung, former Minister of Youth Development and Sports, says the 2023 general election is about the quality of the candidates and not their political parties.

Dalung, also the Social Democratic Party (SDP) candidate for the Langtang North/Langtang South federal constituency, made this statement in Jos on Tuesday when interacting with reporters.

The former minister said that Nigerians were more politically conscious and their considerations in the current political administration referred to the qualities of the candidates and not their political parties.

“Don’t be fooled, Nigerians are not going to choose parties, Nigerians are going to choose individuals.

“It will be a rainbow coalition in 2023, and it was the rainbow coalition that saved South Africa because it ended apartheid.

“In 2023, Nigerians with your votes will build a rainbow coalition that will end these political failures, political gangsters and lay the foundation for a new nation.

“A nation where people of different political backgrounds, different ideologies, different religions, different ethnicities will come together and build a better country for Nigeria,” he said.

The former minister said the performance of an elected person was the only weapon he could use to survive the 2023 general election.

“For a candidate who has not been elected before, it will be his character, his integrity and past record that will give him an advantage.

“It’s not going to be how long a politician has been in government but what he’s been able to achieve during that period,” he said.