Conceptualizing a business idea in Nigeria and then putting it into action can be compared to a gold mine that provides an opportunity for people to avail a better livelihood and brings more freedom, dream fulfillment, financial freedom and can even increase your life expectancy. by a whopping 23%

Here are the five most lucrative companies for 2023.

When starting a street food vendor business, one must have learned or possess culinary skills which will give you a competitive advantage over your competitors as you have many alternatives like restaurants, restaurants and other street food vendors competing to have your customers.
Your ability to prepare delicious, enjoyable and affordable meals will set you above your competitors. You can start this business with as little as N50,000.

Advertising is something that any business needs and with social media being
the new market, why not jump right into this business?
This has got to be one of the most lucrative and fastest money pots of the new age. In 2018, nearly $400 billion was spent on online advertising globally.
From blogs to social media, websites, newspapers, search engines, apps, and games, this industry is taking over the world.
Setting up an Internet advertising agency will allow you to capitalize on this opportunity and make money fast and you can do it with as little as N100,000.

With the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, the import and export price skyrocketed and people found it very difficult to access things from their various homelands.
You may think that there is not much to export in Nigeria, but you would be wrong. Shipping materials are one of the most profitable foreign trades in Africa.
Exporting raw materials to other nations such as cocoa, green vegetables, vegetable oil, yams, cassava, palm oil or crude oil will surely make you rich. These products are in great demand outside the country.

If you used to clean apartments or offices for a daily wage and you’re good at it, why not start your own business? All you need is staff working for or with you and cleaning supplies. Thus, you can offer cleaning services for office spaces, houses and apartments. This service is not cheap these days.

A data reseller is a person who buys data in bulk from VTU platforms and telecommunication companies at a relatively low price and then resells it to customers at their convenient rate.
There are many lucrative businesses that you can start with less than N100,000, but you need to do some proper research and analysis to determine which category best suits your needs.