Gold Label General Manager Yusuf Ali said the Marathon is already in auto drive.

The former African record holder in the long jump noted that the aim of the organizers, Nilayo Sports Management Limited, is to have in a very short period two Elite Label races in a single city at the same time, with the 10km race also reaching the Elite Status Tag.

He said: “With this, this year’s 10km race will open up to as many elite runners as possible from across Africa and the world, to elevate the status of the race to achieve Gold Label status in the 10km. , in the next few years, our goal is to have two Gold Label races in a single city running side by side in both the full race and the 10K, while also working very hard to elevate the full marathon, which is already a Gold Label race, to a Platinum Label race.

“The Lagos City Marathon is now in automatic gear. Nilayo Sports Management Limited is ready for the large number of runners associated with Gold Label races around the world. Most Gold Label races in the world host between 50,000 and 80,000 runners.

“We are ready for the big number. Last year we had 20,000 runners, and for this year we expect to have more than 20,000 more than last year. The organizers, Nilayo Sports Management, are up to the task. In previous marathons, the The company successfully organized marathons that had 120,000 runners in. The highly experienced organizers are up to the task.

“We are ready for the first Gold Label race in Nigeria on February 4,” said Yusuf Ali.