• A civil society organization has called on the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria to make himself available for questioning and investigation by the SSS
  • The CSO said it supports the SSS operation on the main bank governor and would mobilize other organizations in support of the secret police.
  • According to the organization, there is a need to ensure that Nigerian civil servants do not see themselves as above law and order in the country.

Rescue Hope Nigeria (RHN), has vowed to mobilize at least 1000 civil society organizations across the country in support of the State Security Services (SSS) operation to rescue the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) from its current Governor, Godwin Emefiele.

A statement signed by the RHN President and viewed by legit.ng Audu Armstrong said the coalition, when it mobilizes, will embark on a national protest across the country in hopes of saving what remains of Nigeria’s main bank.

Rescue Hope of Nigeria has threatened to mobilize thousands of civil society organizations should Godwin Emefiele not step down. Photo: Pio Utomi
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Armstrong’s statement followed the resumption of the CBN governorship at the end of his annual vacation on Monday, January 16.

Emefiele has been in the spotlight over issues of alleged stamp duty diversion and sponsorship of terrorism.

Nigeria will no longer tolerate corrupt practices by public officials

Armstrong said Nigeria cannot continue to elevate a public official above the law and above investigation by the country’s relevant agencies.

Asking Emefiele to respond to the accusations made against him by the secret police, Armstrong said the governor of the main bank should not be shielded from the investigation, especially knowing the weight of the accusations against him.

His words:

“Nigerians are suffering. There are difficulties on earth. Most of Emefiele’s policies have had devastating effects on the common man.

“How do you explain the nation’s No. 1 banker getting involved in politics? As if that weren’t enough, he has continued to take advantage of the goodwill of Nigerians with demonic policies.”

“The recent revelation about stamp duty and its alleged links to terrorism is the straw that broke the camel’s back. Nigerians are fed up.

“It’s about time Emefiele talked to the Nigerians to clear things up. But we’re not even interested, we want him to be arrested and prosecuted like any other Nigerian.”

“We would like to urge DSS to pursue this matter until the latter. As one of the most reputable secret police in the world, we are confident that they will hold Emefiele to account. Enough is enough.”

“I am ready to work”, CBN Governor Emeifele confirms his return to Nigeria and makes promises

Meanwhile, the main bank governor, Godwin Emefiele, has announced his return to Nigeria after a few weeks of annual leave.

The whereabouts of the CBN governor have been in the spotlight in recent days following his travails with DSS.

Emefiele issued a statement that he is back and also promised to continue his duties.

10 Things to Know When Starting CBN Cash Out Policy

In another report, the country’s commercial banks have started the implementation of CBN’s cash withdrawal policy.

The goal of the policy is to increase the number of transactions conducted electronically while reducing the amount of physical cash used in the economy.

Here are the ten things to know about the cash withdrawal policy and how it affects a bank customer.

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