the rufai made the comparison during an interview on the TVC program, meeting of journalistson Thursday, February 2, 2023.

Speaking on a wide range of issues of national interest in connection with the upcoming general elections, the Kaduna Governor maintained that his party, the All Progressive Congress (APC) presidential candidate, Asiwaju Ball Tinubuhe is still the man to beat in the elections.

Remember that El-Rufai had previously alleged that some elements in Aso Rock Villa are working against Tinubu’s ambition, a claim he also reiterated but declined to name names.

Asked if the people behind the efforts to sabotage the party have been identified, El-Rufai replied in the affirmative, but refused to expose them, saying it is better to defeat them at the polls than expose them now.

Speaking about the many opinion polls, such as the Blomberg, ANAP and NOI polls, which have predicted Obi’s victory in the elections, the governor insisted that all of them have fundamental flaws.

Explaining further, El-Rufai said: “The most important thing when looking at any opinion poll is the sample followed by the methodology. When you have about 100 million registered voters and you are sampling 2,000 or 3,000 registered voters, I am sorry that your results from day one are unreliable. They will have very high margins of error. And most of these polls are like that.

‘What about the methodology? Most of these surveys like the Blomberg one, the ANAP one, the Okonjo-Iweala one, they all used telephone. What percentage of the INEC voter registry contains people whose phone numbers are on the INEC registry? We have found, 31 percent.

So, early on, you start with just 31 percent of the total voter sample, so if you pick your sample from that 31 percent from day one, your results are dead on arrival. Well.

On Obi’s chances in the elections, El-Rufai said that the poll conducted by APC showed that the former governor of Anambra state is far behind Tinubu and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidate, atiku abubakarin the race.

He then described Obi as a Nollywood actor and said he can’t get 25% of the vote in more than 16 states.

El-Rufai’s words: “How can Peter Obi win an election? Peter Obi gets 1% in Sokoto, 2% in Katsina and 5% in Kano. That’s where the votes are. Not all states are the same. The fact that he gets 70% in Anambra State does not mean that someone who does 10% in Kano is not better than you. Kano is 4 million votes that actually happen. What is Anambra? The number of votes in Anambra State is the size of a local government in Kaduna State.

“So all states are not equal. If you poll states and make them equal. Yeah, Peter Obi will sweep all the south-east states, he’ll do well in the south-south, where else? He’s not voting well in the South-West, apart from a drop in the ocean in Lagos.Your vote in the Christian enclaves of the North, is voting well.But how many are they?

“Peter Obi can’t win the election. He doesn’t have the number of states, he doesn’t have 25% in more than 16 states. He can’t go anywhere. Peter Obi, Nollywood actor, and that’s all they’ll be.”