Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL) has said it does not plan to leave Nigeria, reaffirming its commitment to the country.

The oil giant said in a statement on Thursday that a media report had alleged that it planned to exit Nigeria.

“Please note that the allegation is false and does not represent Chevron’s position in Nigeria,” said Esimaje Brikinn, CNL’s general manager of policy, government and public affairs.

“CNL remains committed to maintaining the existing long-term and mutually beneficial relationship with Nigeria and other stakeholders, as evidenced by our significant economic and social investments in Nigeria over the past six decades.”

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He said that these investments had generated visible and viable socio-economic development in various communities in Nigeria.

“CNL, along with its industry peers in Nigeria, will continue to engage the government in policies and opportunities to ensure the global competitiveness and sustainability of the oil industry,” Brikinn said.