For Chinenye Anuforo

A group of young tech-savvy Nigerians have developed a web-based cryptographic platform to facilitate a seamless and borderless means of accepting cryptocurrency payments globally.

Known as Coinazer, the Web 3.0 crypto platform was developed out of the curiosity of a young Nigerian to solve a payment problem.

Announcing the launch of Coinazer, the founder, cryptocurrency enthusiast Johnpaul Achigonye, ​​said that the cryptocurrency solution was a product of necessity: “Sounds funny how Coinazer came to be. I was at my uncle’s store in Ikeja Market, popularly known as Computer Village, serving one of his customers who came to buy mobile devices. After issuing a payment invoice, he asked: ‘Do you accept cryptocurrency as a means of payment?’ I said no.”

He added: “At that very moment, the client left. I realized that Africa and the world in general needed a perfect solution.”

He revealed that Coinazer was founded by four young and innovative Nigerians with names; Johnpaul Achigonye (Founder), Ikenna Garry (Co-Founder), Malachi Chidera (Co-Founder), Nnaji Joshua (Co-Founder)

He described his team as young Nigerians with enthusiasm and experience groomed in the tech generation to build the crypto solutions Africa and the world need in the new era of currency.

Achigonye explained that Coinazer offers unlimited services urging the crypto community to adopt it and be a part of its transformation journey.

He stated that Coinazer now offers Crypto Payment Gateway, Peer 2 Peer Trading, Swap Farming, Exchange, Mining Investment, Conversion of Crypto Assets to Cash, Easy-to-integration Payment Link, as well as a structured API documentation for developers.

“We offer a non-custodial service (we do not hold or store your assets/funds in any way) and allow unlimited transactions. Currently, we support more than 20 crypto assets, running on 18 different blockchain networks and offering low transaction fees,” he said.

He also said that his team’s business strategy is based on the six pillars of Integrity, Intelligence, Reliability, Excellent Service, Accessibility and Commitment to Success.