The family of a 35-year-old baker, Hanofi Taofeek, has gone into mourning after he was crushed to death by a commercial bus driver, Arinze Okafor, on Iludun street in the Amukoko area of ​​Lagos state. .

PUNCH Subway he deduced that Hanofi was at his wife’s shop on Ajose Street, opposite the Amukoko roundabout as the two were preparing to go home together, when the bus, popularly called Korope, rammed them.

He was said to have died instantly, while his wife, Taiwo, lost consciousness and was admitted to Apapa General Hospital.

Taiwo, who spoke to our correspondent on Tuesday, said she learned of her husband’s death three weeks after she was discharged from the hospital.

She said: “Around 11pm my husband and I were heading home after I closed up for the day. My husband worked as a manager in a bakery, while I sold noodles. He usually came to my store so we could both go home together.

“We were on the sidewalk and before we knew it, a bus hit us from behind. Three days after the fatal accident, I was told that I had been unconscious for three days, and it was after three weeks when I was released from the General Hospital that I learned that my husband died at the scene.

“Neighbors informed me that the bus driver was in police custody in Amukoko. The IPO handling the case told me that they were going to withdraw the case as they did not have the money to pursue it. They asked me if he had money to pay for the case but I said no. He also said that the suspect’s family should give me the money just for the treatment without justice. I have no one; my husband was the one who sent his two younger brothers to school and took care of them, now who will help us?

“People who knew the man who was driving the bus that night said he was drunk; we also learned that he did not own the bus and that he did not have a driver’s license. He is currently in custody. However, the police are being negligent and lenient in the matter.

“During my entire time in the hospital, none of the suspect’s family members came to see me; my hospital bills were paid by my husband’s friend and family.”

The 29-year-old, who mourned the death of her husband, also demanded justice.

“We were married for three years with no children and now my husband’s life has been taken from him. The suspect’s family said that he would pay N1m but would come in installments every month, but I told them that he was not interested in his money. All I want is justice for the death of my husband,” he added.

A friend of the victim, Abiodun Razak, claimed that he saved the driver from being lynched by thugs and took him to the Amukoko police station, where the incident was reported.

“The way the case is going is discouraging. The police keep asking if we have money to continue the case,” she added.

A member of the Human Rights Defense Committee, Sunday Omolokun, stated that all efforts to ensure justice have been unsuccessful.

State police public relations officer Benjamin Hundeyin said “the matter was brought before the court today (Wednesday).”