■ Says it’s a springboard for the fight update

Of Stanley UzoaruOwerri

The Pro Biafra group, the de facto customary government, has urged South-East residents to take advantage of the opportunities provided by some South-East governors to obtain their PVCs and vote in the upcoming elections.

The group, which has been fighting against the boycott of elections in the southeast, explained that the democratic process would enhance the actualization of their fight for a Biafran nation.

The Biafra group’s foreign minister, Dr. Obidi Obienu, who revealed this in a statement signed by the group’s spokesman, Uche Mefor, noted that it was in line with standard human rights practice.

“Let’s play Biafran land politics to seize political control of Biafran land, it is the unrivaled path to Biafra restoration. All eligible voters on Igbo land must get their PVCs.”

The group, which has condemned the recent killings of some natives in Enugu and Anambra states, has called on governors in the southeast to close ranks in a bid to find a lasting solution to the incidents.

He also advised governors to urgently enforce open grazing laws to prevent their occurrence in the future.

The statement read: “Violent armed attacks against civilians, the systematic degradation and destruction of democratic institutions such as electoral offices and the mass murder of the vulnerable population in Biafraland will never get us anywhere.

“The use of economic sabotage and the armed application of sit-at-home self-destruction that leads to lawlessness, lawlessness, and chaos, manifested as physical intimidation, stoppage of vehicular movement, extortion, harassment, and preventing people from common to participate in their daily activities. daily economic activities.