• Canadian immigration laws have highlighted things that travelers from countries other than the US can bring into the country.
  • Things like meat and eggs are not allowed, and other food products have conditions that must be met before being transported.
  • According to the law, cookies and snacks can be brought from Nigeria to Canada as long as they do not contain meat.

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In recent times, there have been videos of people showing what they were able to transport from Nigeria to other foreign countries.

These videos have become so popular online because Nigerians can relate to the need to taste home even when abroad.

Some of the accepted articles come with conditions that must be followed. Photo source: TikTok/@iam_chloey
Source: UGC

It is very important to note that while it is good to take as much as you can when traveling to Canada, you should be aware of what is allowed under Canadian law. In this report, Legit.ng will take a look at some of the things you can bring to the foreign country.

1. Animal fat or tallow

On the Canadian inspection website, there are strict conditions before you can bring it in. He said:

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“Allowed only if you are accompanying you to Canada (cannot be brought in by mail or courier service).”

It added that “products that are cooked and shelf-stable (safe at room temperature) and products purchased in a sealed container (such as a glass jar, can, retort bag, disposable semi-rigid serving plates for ready-to-eat meals).”

2. Baked sandwiches and cookie

Canadian law allows you to bring cakes. However, the condition is that the snack must not contain meat in them.

3. Sweets and other confectionery products

Like those of point 2, sweets must not contain meat. This can cover things like chocolate and yogurt and other sweetened snacks.

4. Non-alcoholic drinks

Drinks from this group are allowed. There are no restrictions on this at all. But it’s important to always check with the Inspection page to see if anything has been updated.

5. Spices, tea, coffee and oils

Spices, tea and coffee are allowed. No wonder there are videos of people taking things like ground pepper, ogbono, okro, among other spices.

Another thing worth noting is that most of those foods are not expected to exceed 20kg in weight. There are those where you need to refer to the Automated Import Reference System (AIRS). If in doubt, refer to the inspection page.

Lady regretted the food she brought to Canada

In the meantime, legit.ng previously reported that a young Nigerian girl sparked massive reactions on TikTok after sharing a video showing what she regretted taking when she moved to Canada.

In the clip, he gave garri and palm oil as some of the food. She even listed dried okra and powdered cocoyam.

Many Nigerians in her comments section were shocked that she regretted traveling with items that are highly sought after among Africans abroad.

Source: Legit.ng