The Association of Ebonyi Indigenes Socio-Cultural In the Diaspora (AEISCID), has raised the alarm for the alleged exclusion of the names of the candidates of the Popular Democratic Party (PDP) in the state of Ebonyi from the portal of the National Electoral Commission Independent (INEC), blaming what is called dirty politics for development.

However, the group, which had earlier declared its support for Ebonyi State PDP gubernatorial candidate Chief Ifeanyi Chukwuma Odii, called on voters and party supporters to remain calm about the development, insisting there was no cause for alarm.

There were reports of names of opposition PDP National Assembly candidates in Ebonyi state suddenly disappearing from the INEC website.

In a statement released on Wednesday by the President of AEISCID (World), Amb. Paschal Oluchukwu, the group warned INEC to beware of the antics of some fifth columnists within its ranks and archives.

According to the statement, the Nigerian Supreme Court, in September 2022, twice declared a business tycoon, Chief Ifeanyi Chukwuma Odii, and all ticket candidates under his line as the bona fide PDP candidates in Ebonyi.

“We at the Association of Ebonyi Sociocultural Indigenous in the Diaspora, AEISCID, received the surprising and trending news of the sudden disappearance of the names of the candidates for the National Assembly of the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the Ebonyi State from the portal of the Independent National Electoral Commission INEC) with many reservations.

“For us, we regard this sad development as strange policy taken too far by those we believe should unite to ensure the Party wins the general elections on February 25 and March 11 in Ebonyi State. This group is aware of the many political disputes that raged in the Ebonyi PDP before, during and even after the Party primaries.

“AESICID is also aware of the Nigerian Supreme Court decisions in September last year whereby the Supreme Court twice declared business magnate Chief Ifeanyi Chukwuma Odii and all ticketed candidates under his line as the real candidates of the party.

“As a good party man who is genuinely interested in party peace, unity and stability, this socio-cultural group is also aware of the many commendable efforts and proposals made by Odii and indeed his team to reconcile and unite all the aggrieved. party members.

“Our findings showed that while some of the party leaders, on the other hand, wholeheartedly embraced the olive branch, the rest simply pretended, while plotting and hoping to sabotage party efforts to win back the state through the ballot. .

“Therefore, it was a dangerous policy taken to the extreme in our estimation that some people could collude with the enemies of the party and the desperate government of the day in Ebonyi (as is alleged in some quarters) to associate with some alien forces within and without. from the country. electoral arbitrator remove names of candidates, some of whom do not have legal cases, as INEC states on its website.

“Instead of taking their campaigns to the interior of the country, we have observed that the APC government led by Umahi in Ebonyi, which is terribly afraid of facing the voters, has resorted to clandestine tactics and desperate politics to deceive the opponents of the what they fear Regardless of your antics, we still assure you of the absolute rejection of the Ebonyi constituencies whom you have misruled and vilified with your anti-popular policies and programs.”

While calling on the people of Ebonyi to massively support Chief Odii as the state’s next governor, the group added that the PDP gubernatorial candidate was a credible alternative to satisfy the wishes of the Ebonyians.

“We, however, urge the supporters of the PDP, a party that we have found to be a credible alternative to meet the needs and desires of the beleaguered ebony, especially with the candidacy of Chief Odii and other PDP candidates, to maintain calm and peace while we are. aware that the leadership is aware of the matter and working hard to ensure that the party and all its candidates are not harmed before the elections on February 25 and March 11. There is no cause for alarm even as we caution INEC to be cautious and careful about the antics of some fifth columnists within its ranks and archives.

“This group, however, reaffirms its firm position and unconditional support for the PDP gubernatorial candidate, Chief Odii, and indeed all other party candidates, and urges Ebonyi voters to vote en masse for them and the party, as they remain the candidates and join the best. people-centered manifesto,” he stated.