The question: According to the National President of the NNPP, Professor rufai ahmed alkali, Shekarau wrote a formal letter to INEC telling them that he had withdrawn from the race, while Joel Akanwa in Taraba state went to court to swear an affidavit that he had left the party, and INEC said they are not dead, they cannot be substituted.

“130 assembly members and I think some lieutenant governors as well and that is why we are asking the INEC to interpret the 2022 electoral act as amended”, he said.

NNPP requests the INEC: In this premise, the party has appealed to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) so that, as a matter of urgency, it complies with the judicial orders that support the name substitution.

“In the same spirit, we humbly urge the Commission to urgently comply with the Court’s orders expeditiously issued by the courts in order to further increase the confidence of political parties and the general public in the unwavering commitment and unwavering commitment of the Commission to hold fair and credible elections in the 2023 general election.

Using the law: He further argued that although the INEC has its guidelines, the 2022 Electoral Law surpasses it in terms of opportunity and others.

The president also thanked the Nigerian judiciary for being the last bastion of hope for the people and a pillar of democracy and democratic processes, especially with regards to the 2023 general election.