Taking a sober walk down memory lane, popular Nigerian drag queen, James Brown, has reflected on how his journey to success has hit a bump.

James took to his official Instagram page on Wednesday and shared a video of when police filed homosexuality charges against him along with 57 other people in November 2019.

In the video, the young man paraded along with other alleged criminals and was accused of being homosexual.

James made sure his voice was heard during the parade as he said ‘I didn’t get caught’, a statement that later made him Instagram famous.


The socialite who has every reason to be grateful to God, thanked her fans for their support.

He wrote;

“I want to thank Almighty God for every moment, every second, every breath because a Nation is coming against me but now Everyone loves me, loves me, appreciates me and looks at me because I put a smile and laughter on their faces for the fact that so much people go…