A major reorganization has taken place in the Nigerian Army (NA)

According to Brigadier General Onyema Nwachukwu, the Army’s Director of Public Relations, issued a statement on Saturday.

Nwachukwu said Army Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Faruk Yahaya approved the redeployment of Major Generals and Brigadier Generals.

It affects the Main Staff Officers of the Army Headquarters, Corps Commanders, Commanders of AN Training Institutions, Brigade Commanders and Commanders.

The new General Officers Commander (GOC) is Major General IS Ali of Headquarters Division 3 to Theater Command as the new Theater Commander of Joint Task Force Operation HADIN KAI Northeast.

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Major General AB Ibrahim of the Army Headquarters Training Department addresses Headquarters Division 3 as the new GOC and Commander of Operation SAFE HAVEN.

Major General AS Chinade from HQ Division 2 to HQ Division 82 as GOC, Major General GM Mutkut will now head GOC 8 Division and Operation Commander HADARIN DAJI.

The new Corps Commanders are Major General CG Musa of the Theater Command at the Center of the Infantry Corps of the Headquarters as the new Commander; Major General MS Ahmed from Headquarters Theater Command (NE) to Nigerian Army Armored Corps Headquarters as Commander.
Maj-Gen BR Sinjen from the Nigerian Army Ordnance School to the Nigerian Army Ordnance Corps Headquarters as the new Commander; Maj-Gen PE Eromosele from the National Defense College to the Nigerian Army Engineer Headquarters;

Major General AA Ayannuga of the Army Transformation Department of the Army Headquarters to the Nigerian Army Cyber ​​Warfare Command; Major General GS Abdullahi of the Defense Space Administration to the Nigerian Army Signal Headquarters.

The new Army and Defense Headquarters Principal Staff Officers are Major General HE Udounwa from the Department of Special Services and Programs from Army Headquarters to Defense Headquarters as Chief of Defense Training and Operations;

Major General SG Mohammed redeployed from Army Headquarters Policy and Plans Department to Army Training Department as Chief of Training; Major General UT Musa from the 82nd Division Headquarters to the Department of Army Administration as Director of Personnel Management.

Major General Y Yahaya of the 31st Artillery Brigade Headquarters to the Army Administration Department as Manpower Director (Army).

Brigadier General TI Gusau was transferred from the Department of Special Services of the Army Headquarters to the Directorate of Defense Information as the new Director.

The recently redeployed brigade commanders are Brigadier General AM Umar from the Office of the Army Chief of Staff to the Headquarters Guards Brigade, Brigadier General S Aliyu from the Headquarters Division 6 to the Headquarters Brigade 63.

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Brigadier General HD Bobbo from the National Defense College to the 31st Brigade Headquarters; Brigadier General MT Aminu of the Army War College Nigeria at the 35th Brigade HQ.

The statement noted that the redistribution of generals takes effect as of January 11, 2022.

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