In the latest twist to the prolonged start to a new Nigerian Professional Football League season, NPFL clubs under the ‘club owners’ umbrella have distanced themselves from the draw for an abbreviated league for the scheduled 2022/23 season. for Wednesday in Abuja by the Interim Management Committee, Tidesports sources report.
Following their meeting on December 21, the IMC, in a circular dated December 22, had informed the clubs of the draw schedule ahead of the upcoming season.
“We inform you that the Nigerian Professional Football League 2022/2023 abbreviated season draws are scheduled as follows: Date: December 28, 2022, Time: 12:00 pm, Venue: Sandralia Hotel, Abuja” , reads the statement. partly.
However, NPFL club owners chairman Isaac Danladi claimed that it was not a representation of their agreement during the meeting, adding that 16 members of the clubs’ representatives voted for a direct league, while four voted by an abbreviated format.
“We have already said that we cannot be part of the draw because what came out of the IMC is not a reflection of our decision in the meeting. When we met on Wednesday, they were in favor of an abbreviated league format.
“When we were proposing a direct league, there was a deadlock, and it was agreed in the house that our positions will be sent to the NFF to take further action so we can come to a meeting point,” Danladi told the Tidesports source. .
He added: “The next day we received circulars that we should go to an abbreviated league saying that that draw will take place on December 28. They never told us that there would be a draw that day, what they did was suggest if the league could be on December 28, but we suggested January 8, 2023. Having suggested that means we are ready to play. So, we expected a direct link, only to get circulars for an abbreviated link.
“So, we have already written to our members, disassociating ourselves from that circular.”
IMC president Gbenga Elegbeleye had maintained that the IMC’s position in the league remained unchanged, saying the NFF had given the body the go-ahead to adopt a shortened format.
“The league will start on January 8, 2023 with draws for December 28 in a 100 percent abbreviated format, any club that is not ready could decide to leave.
“The NFF advised that we should go for an abbreviated league.”