Nollywood actor and comedian Nkem Owoh has likened Nigeria’s political system to a ‘disease’, hence his refusal to join the bandwagon of patrons.

One of the celebrities who has been repeatedly cajoled into endorsing a political candidate and party is actor Nkem Owoh.

He turned down the huge amount of N10 million to back the political candidate Tinubu some months ago. During an interview with Punch, he stated that he has refused to join politics despite being attracted by many people.

According to Nkem, politics in Nigeria is like a disease and they don’t want to be infected with the disease.

He said, “Giving his opinion on the upcoming election, the actor said, ‘I’ll go vote. I have tried to reject Nigerian politics in its entirety even though I know there are still good people in politics but the system is like a sick mesh.

“People have tried to lure me into politics, but I know if I get into this, I’ll catch the disease and…