While denying the allegations in Iwo on Monday 02 January 2022, the Senator also demanded the state government to apologize in writing and also pay half a hundred million naira as compensation for the unquantifiable damage caused to his name and integrity.

What the senator said: Oriolowo, who is the senator representing the Osun West Senate district, described the allegations as a flagrant falsehood, a naked display of recklessness, a sacrilegious neglect of the truth and wanton defamation.

What Oriolowo was accused of: The Asset Review Committee headed by Bashiru Tokunbo Salam had indicated in a report that Senator Adelere Oriolowo was in custody of the 130G Motor Grader (005132-A321), the D6 Excavator (OS130-A32), the Electrical Transformer Feeder Dash Board, and the Soil Compactor Machine (OS137- A32).

The panel, which was established by the governor of Osun state, Ademola Adelekealso demanded that the Senator return said equipment to the state government or face sanctions.

Oriolowo proves defamation of character: Oriolowo, who maintained that the prosecution has caused so much damage to his name, reputation and legacy, stated that, “Since posting, many well-meaning people on and off the Nigerian shoreline have continually approached me for clarification and solidarity.

“I was shocked why a State committee would disregard the fair hearing principle by inviting me to defend any report they should have received. I also reliably inferred that said committee failed to submit its report to its director before going public to smear my name.

“This team, which belongs to the then OSSADEP, existed when I left the agency 15 years ago. As far as I know, some of them were transferred to the Ministry of Rural Development to help the government. A simple due diligence or investigation by the committee would have revealed the salient fact that the equipment remains the property of the Osun State government.”

Oriolowo has hope of resolution: Senator Oriolowo, revealing that his letter has been received by the Osun State Government, expressed the hope that steps will be taken to retract the publication and he was given an apology.

Oriolowo threatens: He also warned that if he did not do so, he would have no alternative but to resort to legal means to obtain justice.

Oriolowo sends message to Governor Adeleke: He argued that Gov. Adeleke, a former senator,’s decision to surround himself with sycophants instead of playing by the rules and getting going may spell the end of his initial administration.