By John Alechenu

Labor Party (LP) presidential candidate Mr. Peter Obi has vowed to lead the charge to restore and restructure Nigeria from a consuming nation to a productive nation.

Obi said this in a series of tweets yesterday, as part of his message to the Nigerian voting public just a week before the presidential election.

Obi assured Nigerians that if they vote, he and his running mate Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmad will bring about the comprehensive change that will get Nigeria to where it is supposed to be.

Obi stated: “Fellow Nigerians, we are at the tipping point – 7 days to the main day. Our strength is in our diversity.

“We need to reset and reset Nigeria in all ramifications: leadership and governance, security of life and property, economic and political freedom. We must celebrate our shared values ​​and responsibilities.”

Obi further said that, if elected, the change he and Datti will seek will be comprehensive, “we will bring back patriotism and national pride. Loyalty must be to God and to the Fatherland. The Constitution and the Rule of Law will have primacy”.

The former governor of Anambra State in a specific message to young people in particular, who entered the race for them. He further said; “In this march to freedom, I have not come out by myself! I have come out for the millions of young people who are losing hope in our beloved country.