…While students endorse him for president

By Luminous Jannamike, Abuja

Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar said on Tuesday that he and his running mate Ifeanyi Okowa were not running for the country’s top job out of a hunger for power.

According to him, they are in the presidential race to unite the people, combat insecurity and reactivate the country’s economy with a view to improving many masses this time.

He spoke in Abuja on Tuesday when the Council of Nigerian Student National Presidents (CNSPN) endorsed him ahead of Saturday’s presidential election.

CNSPN is a body made up of the National Association of Undergraduate Students (NAUS), the Postgraduate Students Association of Nigeria (PSAN), the National Association of Polytechnic Students (NAPS) and the National Association of Agricultural Student Colleges (NACAS). .

Represented by former Speaker of the House Yakubu Dogara, the DPP presidential standard bearer, he said: “They (Atiku/Okowa) asked me to come and thank them for their faith in them and remind them that they are not running. because they are hungry for political office.

“They are running because they believe that they have been tested and proven that what is delivered into their hands does not tremble and the destiny of this country will stabilize and stabilize.

“They are more determined, with Nigeria having fallen behind in the starting points of the race, they will make sure to deliver on the promise of this great country.”

Speaking in a personal capacity, Dogara praised the policy of the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari on the redesign of Naira.

According to him, the Naira redesign will checkmate vote buying and improve credible elections and called on Nigerians to bear the temporary pains as the gains would be great.

“Whatever pains we are going through in relation to the Naira redraw policy, some of us may not have the money, but I urge you to consider this pain as part of the sacrifice that a transparent election will bring us. in which we will elect a leader. that we deserve,” he said.

Also speaking, Senator representing the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Philip Aduda, said: “Our incoming president, Atiku, is an educator, someone who has a university, his university has never been on strike, he is someone proven and confiable. ”

Earlier, CNSPN Chairman Obaji Uchenna Marshal, after his examination, the PDP working paper is the only document that goes beyond making political promises to provide a blueprint for how to achieve those promises.

He said: “It is pertinent to note that, more than ever before, students are paying genuine attention to the processes of electing leaders who will be in charge of the affairs of government of this country for the next four (4) years, hence our unwavering commitment to be part of the process exercising our constitutional suffrage.

“On this note of the above and the continuation of the above, CNSPN has taken its time to closely follow all the Frontline Candidates, reviewed their Policy working documents (Manifestos) and after careful scrutiny, CNSPN has come to the conclusion that the manifesto of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) carrying the Atiku/Okowa ballots is the most reliable, achievable.

“Only providing answers to Nigerian quests and most of all the most educationally friendly, the PDP working paper is the only document that goes beyond making political promises to actually providing a model on how to achieve these promises.

“These promises have caught our interest and are anchored in the following: restoring Nigerian unity and social justice and also building consensus among Nigerians, regardless of their tribe and religion.
Establish a strong and effective democratic system that ensures the safety of life and property for all Nigerians.

“To build a strong, resilient and prosperous economy, which will create jobs and generate wealth that lifts people out of poverty. Promote a true federal system that provides for a strong federal government that guarantees national unity and without Power in the Center.

“To improve and strengthen the Nigerian education system in order to equip Nigerian graduates with the necessary competence to compete with their contemporaries within the global space, this new order is driven by innovations, science and technology. Restructure Nigeria and bring governance closer to the grassroots and allow regions and the state to control its resources

“Based on this premise and our belief that it will work best for Nigeria, CNSPN, after our National Executive Council Meeting has resolved, adopted and worked energetically for the success of Atiku/Okowa’s candidacy in the 25th presidential election. February, we have passed a circular urging all students under our umbrella to get out, vote and also work to ensure victory. We stand fully behind the PDP Rescue Team.”