Conventional details: Although the exact date and location of the incident cannot be determined, the video was shared by an unpopular Facebook user.

What really happened: In the video, the NNPP presidential candidate saw a loose board on his stage, and while trying to fix it, the other boards that made up the stage floor collapsed. Kwankwaso was quickly helped to his feet by the stunned party bosses.

What you should know about Kwankwaso: Despite being considered one of the dark horses in the 2023 presidential race, Kwankwaso is running in a general election for the first time. He was governor, minister and envoy of the state of Kano.

Kwankwaso Manifesto: The former two-term governor of Kano State had submitted his Manifesto on November 1, 2022.

The 160-page manifesto and policy document titled “My promises to you: The RMK2023 plan”he highlighted 20 promises he would make come true if elected.

About security: He promised to tackle insecurity through a special approach, including increasing the police force to one million strong.

On justice, economy, health and food: He also promised to ensure equity and justice, renew the economy, create job opportunities, reform the health sector, and ensure food security.

In education: The presidential candidate said his administration would treat education as an investment, not an expense.