The National Association of Polytechnic Students denounced on Saturday the poor state of the infrastructure at the Federal Polytechnic, Kaduna, and called for urgent intervention at the school.

the punch reports that NAPS is the coordinating body for all polytechnics, monotechnics, technical education colleges, health science colleges, cooperative colleges, statistics colleges, and other allied institutions that grant the National Diploma and the Higher National Diploma in the six zones Nigerian geopolitics.

Addressing reporters in Abuja, NAPS Vice President of External Affairs Lawal Muhammed said: “It is often said that the best weapon we can use to shape the future of any generation is education. Thus, when negativity thrives where progress is avoidable, the best option is to extinguish it immediately before it consumes all space.

“Therefore, the leadership of NAPS feels that it is very important to set the record straight so that the public and the competent authorities, both the ICRC and the Federal Ministry of Education, know that it is no longer news how students are neglected without basic education. amenities that guarantee an environment conducive to learning.

“This press conference has become urgent as it relates to the accommodation issue and the difficulties faced by a large number of Nigerian students, especially at Kaduna Polytechnic, as a result of those who oppose the right decision being made. will implement.

“Despite allocating only a fraction of the small percentage of the budget to education, scarce resources and underfunding of the education sector, the current Executive Secretary of the NBTE, Prof. Idris Bugaje, who was the then Rector, had initiated the idea of ​​a Public Private Association with the aim of raising the quality of the hostels to more adequate and habitable standards.

“It is on record that a construction company, “Markpoint”, was awarded the contract but could not meet expectations, then came KYC Interproject, a reputable company with a professional background in the construction sector, which acquired Markpoint.

“At this time, KYC Interproject reported that under the initial agreement with Markpoint, the previously submitted bill was to produce low-quality work. Therefore, he advised that the entire process be reviewed with the aim of raising the bar and changing the face of hostels to an international standard. We want the Nigerian government to know this, having submitted the required BOQ to the current management of Kaduna Polytechnic under the leadership of Dr. Suleman Umar, has suffered a serious setback.

“NAPS is calling and appealing in strong terms to the NBTE, the Federal Government and the Federal Ministry of Education, on the urgent need to convene a round table on the contractor’s inter-project KYC, to review and focus its lens on the plan presented and, allow the company to move to the site, since it has been sinking his personal funds based on the PPP grant. The vested interest of the Kaduna Polytechnic management leadership must not stop the standard raised by KYC Interproject, otherwise any plans to compromise the already signed agreement will have no choice but to mobilize all students for a full and indefinite closure. from Kaduna Polytechnic. .”