Senator Michael Opeyemi Bamidele, who represents Ekiti Central in the Senate, says in this interview that All Progressive Congress (APC) presidential candidate Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the kind of solution Nigeria needs right now.

YYou witnessed the inauguration of the Independent Grassroots Campaign Council, IGCC, in Ekiti State. What is the significance of this event for the aspiration of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu?

Ekiti is looking at what the rest of the 35 Nigerian states and the FCT are doing to launch a door-to-door campaign platform for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. We have two main bodies for the campaigns, the Presidential Campaign Council, PCC, at the national and state level, which is in charge of organizing the rallies and coordinating the campaign and the other body is what is called the Tinubu/Shettima Grassroots Independent Campaign. Council, IGCC, which has the responsibility of the door-to-door campaign, that is what we have inaugurated in Ekiti. My hope and prayer is that everyone will take advantage of this platform to carry the message of the Asiwaju Presidency to all nooks and crannies of the state.

The elections are in a few weeks, what gives you the impression that Asiwaju has an advantage over other candidates?

When something is very clear and the facts are very clear, the facts speak for themselves. Judging from what’s happening in Nigeria, judging from the nature and the popular and scientific campaigns, the Asiwaju campaign team is running, and tracking all the front line candidates and then putting Asiwaju within all of them. these, it’s obvious to me. that Asiwaju in this campaign and in the February 25 elections, he is the presidential candidate to beat. I am also convinced that Asiwaju is the kind of solution that Nigeria needs right now, among all the others that are competing. He doesn’t promise to do anything he hasn’t done before; he was Governor of Lagos State for eight years and by the grace of God I was an integral part of that administration. I served in his cabinet as a Special Advisor, I served as the Hon. Commissioner and after that also served in the cabinet that replaced him under Babatunde Raji Fashola, SAN. So, for eleven and a half years in a row, I was a member of the Lagos State cabinet.

I was there to see what Asiwaju was capable of and under his watch we created a new Lagos. Anyone going to Lagos today will know that it is not the Lagos they knew before Asiwaju arrived. There was a Lake of garbage, there was a Lake of insecurity, there was a Lake of transportation and traffic chaos, all of those have become a thing of the past and are taking it beyond the current level to also implement rail infrastructure technology all over the world. condition. The red line, the blue line, the yellow line have all taken off in Lagos so essentially, a new Lagos is created and all we trust in God is that the Nigerians will give Asiwaju the presidency of this country to replicate what made in Lagos via Nigeria.

Why was he able to do this? It was not by magic, Asiwaju has a deep and scientific understanding of people, of what is wrong and what should be done and also because he has an unusual ability to identify talents and deploy said talents in society for creativity and the development. . I have no doubt that from every nook and cranny in this country, Asiwaju could identify and deploy such talents. With him, our history cannot be the same as that of a nation.

There seems to be infighting for dominance from different support groups at the moment. Are you sure this is about loyalty to Asiwaju or fighting for campaign funds?

I would tell you that Asiwaju is not a poor man, but at the same time, Asiwaju does not have enough money to run the campaign to be president of Nigeria. So for many people involved, it’s not just about money. A lot of people are spending their own money and talking about support groups, people started forming support groups in the last two years even before Asiwaju won the party primaries and Asiwaju didn’t give anyone money to form or run groups support. In fact, out of more than 80 percent of the support groups we have across the country, Asiwaju hasn’t even met with the leaders. Even here in Ekiti State, we have to encourage them to start registering with the party, so people know where to find them. So no one gave anyone money to start a support group; people are doing this in response to a popular aspiration that they feel Asiwaju represents, and with which everyone tries to identify. So essentially, resources are created by people; they did not raise money from Asiwaju to do what is happening. This campaign secretariat was donated, Asiwaju did not rent an office in Ekiti to campaign and this is a replica of what we have in different parts of the country where people are donating their resources to campaign for him because they believe that with him , our history cannot be the same.

Yes, over the course of the campaign, funds would be deployed because moving from one state to another, from one local government to another, or a door-to-door campaign, requires logistical support, and that logistical support would be provided, but it is not. . a business as usual affair and not an atmosphere or platform for someone to accumulate wealth. What lies ahead is more important than how much money someone can get right now.

Why should the people of Ekiti Central trust you again with their votes on February 25?