By Ishola Balogun

Fresh off vacation, interim government activist and former presidential candidate Reverend Chris Okotie has reminded Nigerians ahead of the general election in days that his restructuring proposal, which he christened the Okotie Option, TOKO, remains being the best option for the country. going forward

According to his media adviser, Ladi Ayodeji, Okotie decided to call his change mantra TOKO to give it a strong sound.

He said that regardless of the outcome of the upcoming election, its director remains committed to his beliefs that only a duly restructured Nigeria under the auspices of an interim government could create the right environment for anyone seeking elective office to successfully implement his manifesto.

According to Reverend Okotie: “The current system of government has become hostile and subversive to the Nigerian cause. Only an interim government with a philosophy of aboriginal democracy can save Nigeria from the cusp of imminent catastrophic disintegration. It’s TOKO time!!”

The reverend rejected suggestions in certain circles that his call for an interim government is inappropriate in an election year, saying past transition programs never produced stable politics due to contradictions in the current constitution.

He argued that the ongoing election cycle would not bring about the long-awaited change in the fortunes of Nigerians due to the inherent flaws of the 1999 constitution being applied.

Okotie insisted that only an interim government charged with the responsibility of achieving aboriginal democracy is capable of giving the country a legitimate framework for an indigenous constitution that is inclusive of and acceptable to Nigerians.