The Nigerian Trades Union Congress has called on the Federal Government to make gasoline available at the official pump price of 180/litre, saying Nigerians cannot continue to pay higher prices for the product.

In a New Year message made available to our Abuja correspondent, the union stated that the year 2022 was quite challenging on virtually all fronts, including security, politics, the economy, health and social life.

However, he said “there is hope for a glorious 2023 if we are ready to bring about the necessary change and hold our leaders to account, as Nigeria, which we sincerely desire, can only be achieved through collective struggle.”

The statement read in part: “The TUC rejects the call by some politicians and political officials to continue importing petroleum products at prohibitive costs while at the same time campaigning and taking action to stop the fuel subsidy. Politicians who love Nigerians would first return the country to local refining, thus creating massive jobs and making products cheap, accessible and available before contemplating removing fuel subsidies.

“We also demand that the Buhari government ensures that PMS is available and sold at the official pump price at gas stations. The emerging culture of selling these highly flammable products in drums on street corners and in residential homes must stop.”

The union recalled that the life of the Nigerian masses was made more difficult by hyperinflation that exceeded 20 percent, the misery index that shot to an all-time high, hydra-headed unemployment and numerous broken promises.

Speaking further, the TUC denounced the high level of insecurity and inflation and said that “the war against banditry, terrorism and sectarian violence must be total and uncompromising.”

He added: “There must also be a general mobilization of the population in this war that must be won for our country to survive. We warn against attempts in some quarters to rebrand criminals and terrorists as freedom fighters or treat them with kid gloves. Therefore, we demand that insecurity be addressed by all means, including the mobilization of citizens to defend themselves against bandits and terrorists.

“Inflation has eroded the purchasing power of Nigerian workers, the minimum wage has been further removed and the value of the naira has become worthless.”